Billing Options

Sure BET

Our Sure BET (Bills Electronically Transferred) service is designed for members who would prefer to spend their time on something other than writing checks each month. When you sign up to pay your monthly electric bill automatically from your bank account or credit card, it saves you time. You’ll see your electric bill payment debited on your bank account or credit card statement which means one less check to write each month.

How Sure BET Works

Each month the amount of the bill you receive from People's Electric Cooperative (PEC) (either electronically or in the mail) is automatically paid from your checking or savings account or via credit card on the last day the bill is due (normally the 10th of every month).

This can be an average amount or the actual amount of the monthly bill.

How to Join

If you are interested in signing up for the Sure BET Program and would like to know what your average monthly payment would be, just call toll-free (877) 456-3031 or (580) 332-3031.

Enroll with Bank Account

To enroll and pay with your bank account:

  • Print, sign, and return a Sure BET Authorization Form (PDF)
  • Send a voided check or savings account deposit slip
  • Return to our office by the 1st of next month to be put on the program for the next bill

Pay with Credit Card

To pay via credit card:


Certain restrictions may apply. Member authorizes PEC to initiate monthly payments of their electric service bill for the financial institution specified by the member. This authority will remain in effect until revoked by the member in writing. In addition, the member has the right to stop payment of charge up to five days after they have received their service bill from PEC. Member understands that both PEC and their financial institution reserves the right to terminate this payment plan or the member’s participation therein.

Delay Pay

When a member has a problem paying a bill for any reason, we try to offer viable solutions. Members who need a little extra time to make full payment of their electric bill may use our DelayPay system. DelayPay extends the due date on your notice of nonpayment by 10 extra days for the total amount of your bill.

How to Request an Extension

To use DelayPaid, simply call PEC at (580) 272-1509. Follow the simple prompts by using your touch-tone phone. Your payment will be extended for at least 10 extra days. (The automated system will tell you the exact date.) For example, if the due date of your notice is April 23rd, your due date will be delayed until May 3rd. Once your payment extension has been granted, you will be given a new payment due date and a confirmation number for your records.

Your first DelayPay extension within a 12 month period is free! For each monthly extension thereafter during a 12-month period, a $15 charge will appear on your statement.

Collection Action

If a DelayPay extension is not granted and collection action is required:

  • There is a $50 charge for each collection trip made by our line technician
  • Once an account is disconnected, another $50 charge is made for reconnecting the service during regular business hours Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • After hours, the reconnect fee is $100

Financial assistance for members to pay an electric bill is available for low-income families. Visit our Payment Assistance page to see a list of various agencies that may be able to assist you.

Average Monthly Payment Program

Know ahead of time what to budget for your monthly electric bill with our Average Monthly Payment (AMP) program. We understand that the amount of electricity used by a member fluctuates throughout the year. This program is designed to help you budget for your bill by smoothing out your payments.

  • Free enrollment
  • Easier budget and expense management
  • Reduced bill fluctuation due to hot or cold weather
  • Must have lived at your location for at least one full year
  • People's Electric Cooperative credit history of no monthly payments received after the 20th of any month or any returned checks
  • May not participate in the DelayPay program
How AMP Works

An average monthly or budget amount is calculated based on your prior 12 months of electric bills. This is the amount due that will show on your bill each month. We will continue to calculate your actual bill based on the applicable rate and actual meter readings.

Each month, your bill will show your balance forward, actual charges, and current balance. The difference between what you have previously paid and your actual bill will be reflected on the "balance forward" line of your bill.

In addition, the AMP will be recalculated periodically to keep it in line with actual charges. This may result in an increase or decrease in the AMP amount.

Balance Forward

  • If the balance forward is a credit, then you are ahead.
  • If the balance forward is a positive amount, then your actual bills have been more than you have paid.
  • If this balance is higher than you could comfortably pay at one time, please contact Member Service to increase your AMP amount or to make a one-time payment to lower your balance.

Termination & Restrictions

The AMP program may be terminated upon service disconnection, by the member making a written request, or by the Cooperative, should the member fail to pay the AMP amount on a current basis. The entire account balance shall become immediately subject to the Cooperative's regular billing collection procedures upon program termination. Any applicable late-payment penalty in the Cooperative's approved rate schedules shall be assessed to the AMP amount.

Accounts participating in the AMP program are not eligible for payment extensions or People's Electric Cooperative's DelayPay program.

How to Enroll

To enroll, contact our Member Services department by the 15th in order to be put on the program for the next billing cycle.

Certain restrictions may apply. Member understands that the amount of their electric bill will be a set monthly figure based upon average use beginning next month and continuing each month thereafter.

PrePaid Meter Program

With our PrePaid Metering Program, members pay for electricity in advance. It is a lot like purchasing milk. You buy milk and drink a bit every day. When you notice you are running low, it is time to make a trip to the grocery store to purchase more.

Low Balance Alerts

If your balance is low (usually below the amount you established when enrolling), you will receive a courtesy call and email. If you have downloaded PEC’s SmartHub app, you can also elect to receive text messages.

Account Balance

If the account balance falls below $0, the service will be disconnected (holidays/weekends may alter disconnection time). After payment is made to bring the account back to a credit, the service will be restored.

Tip: Aim to make one payment per month. Monthly transaction fees are refunded in full if only one payment received each month! Contact our Member Services Department for details.


No Late Fees

With PrePaid Metering, you are in control. Pay what you want, when you want. You will never receive a late fee, disconnection fee, or reconnection fee!

Light Rental Fees, Base Charges, & Other Fees

Fees not related to daily usage are billed out over the month. For example, if your base charge is $15, you’ll be billed 50 cents per day for the month, with any overage or undercharging collected at True Up.

True Up
  • True Up occurs every 28 to 32 days, depending on weekends and holidays.
  • This process ensures you are charged accurately and will refund or bill any difference in fees.
  • For example, if on True Up day you have accumulated $16 in base fees due to timing, you’ll be refunded $1 (assuming a $15 base fee).
Sign Up
  • Call (580) 332-3031, or toll-free at (877) 456-3031 to speak to a representative, who will give you a quoted amount to pay to establish your account.
  • You will need a starting balance of $50 in your account plus a $50 installation fee.
  • You can pay your quoted amount in person, online, or by phone.
  • Your account will be activated and you will receive an email confirmation.