How AMP Works

An average monthly or budget amount is calculated based on your prior 12 months of electric bills. This is the amount due that will show on your bill each month. We will continue to calculate your actual bill based on the applicable rate and actual meter readings.

Each month, your bill will show your balance forward, actual charges, and current balance. The difference between what you have previously paid and your actual bill will be reflected on the "balance forward" line of your bill.

In addition, the AMP will be recalculated periodically to keep it in line with actual charges. This may result in an increase or decrease in the AMP amount.

Balance Forward

  • If the balance forward is a credit, then you are ahead.
  • If the balance forward is a positive amount, then your actual bills have been more than you have paid.
  • If this balance is higher than you could comfortably pay at one time, please contact Member Service to increase your AMP amount or to make a one-time payment to lower your balance.

Termination & Restrictions

The AMP program may be terminated upon service disconnection, by the member making a written request, or by the Cooperative, should the member fail to pay the AMP amount on a current basis. The entire account balance shall become immediately subject to the Cooperative's regular billing collection procedures upon program termination. Any applicable late-payment penalty in the Cooperative's approved rate schedules shall be assessed to the AMP amount.

Accounts participating in the AMP program are not eligible for payment extensions or People's Electric Cooperative's DelayPay program.