Section 301: Billing

I. Objective:

To compute and bill each account on a periodic basis in conformity with PEC's established rates.

II. Policy Content:

To establish a billing date and due date for all electric bills/account statements to be issued.

III. Provisions:

  1. PEC may mail to the consumer at the address shown on the application for service, or change of address order, a bill/account statement for electric service delivered thereunder, but PEC reserves the right to adopt other methods of delivering bills/account statements.
  2. Except for consumers participating in a pre-paid metering program, all bills for electric service are due and payable ten (10) days after the date of mailing.
  3. All balances are to be paid at PEC's office, via PEC’s automated telephone or Internet services, or via PEC’s electronic draft program within the time specified on the bill.
  4. Final bills shall be processed within thirty (30) days of an account disconnected at the request of the consumer, an account transferred to a subsequent account holder, and/or an account disconnected for failure to comply with the Provisions listed in Terms and Conditions of Service 401.0.
  5. Failure to receive a bill in no way exempts the consumer from payment for electric service.
  6. Except for consumers participating in a pre-paid metering program, all bills presented to the consumer for payment become delinquent if not paid by the tenth (10th) day after the date of mailing. PEC may discontinue service and remove the meter for such delinquency no sooner than ten (10) days after written notice has been mailed to the consumer advising him/her that the bill is delinquent.
  7. If service has been discontinued for non-payment of a bill or for violation of PEC's Terms & Conditions of Service, the consumer shall pay all delinquent bills, collection charges, charges for restoring service, and shall be responsible for securing account in accordance with Terms and Conditions of Service 201 before such service is reestablished.

IV. Responsibility

It will be the responsibility of the Sr. Vice President of Administrative Services and Vice President of Member Services to properly administer these provisions.

Approved by the Board of Trustees

  • Effective Date: January 1, 1994
  • Second Revision: June 30, 2009
  • Third Revision: May 23, 2018