Section 303: Billing Adjustments

I. Objective:

To allow certain adjustments in meter readings and bills resulting from the member's error, untimely meter reading(s), member's equipment failure, delays in mail to PEC and/or meter inaccuracies.

II. Policy Content:

To establish a procedure to properly manage various adjustments in meter readings and bills rendered for electric energy.

III. Provisions:

  1. While estimated or inaccurate meter readings are corrected during the monthly billing process after accurate readings are obtained, members may request a prebilling adjustment to the account, resulting in a more accurate bill.
  2. When payments were mailed on time according to the members statement and there is no evidence to the contrary, the late penalty may be waived one (1) time per every twelve (12) month billing period.
  3. When excessive or abnormal bills are created due to excess usage from electric equipment connections being improperly made, faulty equipment or some other factor beyond the member's control, an adjustment may be made. The adjustment will be based on the excess kWhs being charged at the actual delivered cost of power from PEC's power supplier(s).
  4. Fast meters, slow meters, non-registering meters and incorrect register/multiplier on a meter shall be adjusted in accordance with Policy No. 505. Basically, an "overcharge" bill will be refunded and credited to the member's account for the full period of time as can be determined by PEC. For any undercharge, PEC will attempt to collect up to a maximum of six (6) months, unless it can be established that the error was due to a specific cause on a reasonably certain date, in which case the charge shall be computed from that date. PEC will allow installments for any such undercharge to be made over a reasonable period of time.

IV. Responsibility

It will be the responsibility of the Executive VP/CEO, Sr. Vice President of Administrative Services, and Vice President of Member Services to properly administer these provisions.

Approved by the Board of Trustees

  • Effective Date: January 1, 1994
  • Second Revision: June 30, 2009
  • Third Revision: July 26, 2018