Section 604: Miscellaneous Fees & Charges

I. Objective:

To recover the costs associated with PEC performing various tasks outside its normal routine.

II. Policy Content:

To establish a fee or basis to be charged to a member's account or the general public for services provided by PEC for various tasks normally considered outside the scope of normal rates, charges, fees, etc.

III. Provision:

A. Temporary Service

A member requiring temporary service shall pay the regular rates applicable to the class of service rendered for all energy used and, in addition, pay the installation and removal costs, less salvage value of PEC's facilities used to serve the member.

B. Provide Clearance for House & Equipment Moves

Where a house, structure or equipment is to be moved upon, across or over roadways or along a way over which electric wires are in place, advance notice in writing is to be made to PEC of the dimensions of the object being moved, the time it will be moved and the exact route over which it will be moved. Payment shall be made in advance to PEC for the cost of providing clearance of electric lines for the move. Such payment shall be the estimated actual cost of PEC personnel, vehicles and equipment required to provide the necessary clearance for the mover. In no case shall anyone other than authorized PEC employees remove, cut, raise or handle any wires in connection with the moving and providing of clearance.

C. Security Light - Relocation

Following the installation of a security light on an existing pole, PEC will, upon request, relocate the light for a charge of $50.00 if made for the benefit of the member and at his/her request.
Relocation of a security light, when requested by the member and involving other facilities installed to serve the light, shall be paid for by the member. Such charges shall be those actually incurred by PEC in the relocation of the light and related facilities.
Any portion or all of such costs may be waived by PEC, if justified.

D. Relocation of PEC Facilities

  1. Members
    1. Upon request from a member to move or relocate power line poles, anchors, services, meters, etc., each request will be investigated and considered individually.
    2. If such move is necessary and will improve the quality of service, eliminate hazardous conditions or prevent a recurrence of tampering or diversion of electric service, PEC may bear part or all of the cost of relocation. The amount of such expense to be paid by the member, if any, will be determined by PEC.
    3. Where the relocation is solely for the benefit and convenience of the member, the cost will be borne entirely by the member.
    4. Relocation of a meter installed on a building, house or structure to another place on the building, house or structure shall be paid for by the member.
    5. All costs due from the member must be paid in cash, or, if the member is in good standing with the Cooperative, such cost plus interest may be amortized over a sixty (60) month period. In the event the member fails to make agreed upon payment, standard collection procedures will commence.
  2. Non-Members
    1. When requests for relocation are received from non-members, the Cooperative will make the sole determination as to whether any facilities will be relocated unless required by law.
    2. Once the Cooperative has made a determination to relocate facilities, a cost will be computed for such relocation and provided to the requestor. The total cost will be borne by such requestor. All such costs shall be paid prior to the relocation of the facilities.
    3. Where the Cooperative's facilities are located on public right-ofway (along streets, roads or highways), and a request to relocate is received from a government agency (city, county, state or federal), such relocation shall be accomplished as required by law.
    4. Where the Cooperative's facilities are located on private property and a request is received from a government agency to relocate such facilities, appropriate charges shall be calculated and arrangements for payment shall be made with agency.

E. Work Beyond Point of Delivery of Service

PEC shall perform no work for a member beyond the "point of delivery" of electric service except as provided below.
Work beyond "point of delivery" may be performed, when necessary, during an emergency if by doing so it will prevent possible injury or death to people and animals, avoid damage to property and equipment or expedite the initiation of service. PEC will charge the member in these instances all related costs and a "trip charge" per Policy No. 603.

F. Alternative Standard Meter Options

People’s Electric Cooperative installs and maintains a metering system capable of remote communication. PEC understands that, from time to time, members may wish to opt out of such meters or opt out of such meters being placed on their homes. Members wishing to accept an alternative to PEC’s standard meter on their homes must select one of the following:

  1. Pole Option
    Members may select to have PEC relocate the standard meter from the member’s home to an electric pole. Any costs associated with this relocation, including but not limited to labor and equipment, will be incurred by the member.
  2. Two-Way Communication Disablement
    Members may select to have PEC disable communication between said meter and PEC. In doing so, the member understands he or she:

    1. May not be able to receive benefits associated with PEC’s standard meters.
    2.  Is not eligible to participate in PrePaid metering.
    3. Will be charged a one-time $75.00 fee for disablement of said communication device and a monthly fee of $25.50 for on-site meter reading by a PEC representative. Members participating in either option must complete and sign the appropriate forms.

G. Meter Seal Tampering

A charge of ten dollars ($10.00) will be assessed when a meter sealing device is open, broken or missing to cover inspection, resealing or locking the metering equipment on the member/consumer’s premises. This charge will be waived if lock is open/broken due to being weather-worn, etc. If the meter seal must be replaced a second time, a $50.00 “trip charge” will be assessed.

IV. Responsibility

It will be the responsibility of the Sr. VP – Operations and Engineering, Manager of Transmission and Distribution Services, Director of Maintenance Services, and the Director of Member Services to properly administer these provisions. This policy supersedes any existing policy that may conflict with the provisions of this policy.

Approved by the Board of Trustees

  • Effective Date: January 1, 1994
  • First Revision: January 28, 1994
  • Second Revision: September 27, 1996
  • Third Revision: July 27, 2009
  • Fourth Revision: August 22, 2013
  • Fifth Revision: December 26, 2019