Section 806: Temporary Service

I. Objective:

To provide a standard procedure of providing line extensions for a temporary service.

II. Policy Content:

To list the requirements to an applicant for PEC to provide a temporary service extension.

III. Provision:

A member requiring temporary service shall pay the regular rates applicable to a class or classes of service rendered for all energy used and, in addition, shall pay the installation and removal costs of facilities installed by PEC to furnish temporary service to the member. Temporary service is defined as service for purposes which by their very nature indicate short duration.

IV. Responsibility

It will be the responsibility of the Sr. Manager of Engineering and Power Delivery and the Sr. VP – Administrative Services to properly administer these provisions.

Approved by the Board of Trustees

Effective Date: January 1, 1994
Revision Date: August 28, 2009
Revision Date: January 28, 2021