Construction Timeline

Week 8: Permanent Service & Qualified Residential Applicant

Congratulations on your new service!

  • Once PEC has completed construction and once your electrician has completed your side of the installation, please contact PEC for a permanent tie-in of service.
  • At this time, you may also wish to confirm your Qualified Residential Applicant (QRA) Status to receive a portion of your construction charges back.
Weeks 4, 5, 6, & 7: PEC Construction Process

During this time, PEC is busy clearing rights-of-way, setting poles, and constructing your electrical job.

  • Depending on the nature of your job and weather, this process may take as little as a few days to several weeks.
  • On average, this process takes four to six weeks (contingent on several factors).
  • The engineer or New Construction Representative will give you an idea of this during your job evaluation.
Week 3: Pre-Construction Process
  • Submit necessary documents and payment for your construction job.
  • Construction will begin four to six weeks after all required documents and any payment (if applicable) have been received, as well as any necessary permits or easements are obtained.
  • During this phase of construction, an engineer will revisit your site location to create an electronic staking sheet designed specifically for your job.
  • He will then submit recommendations to other personnel involved in completing your service.
  • The pre-construction process usually takes three to four weeks. After this time, new construction representatives will have a better idea of when construction will begin.
  • As a result, if you have questions regarding the timing or completion of your job, we encourage you to wait until four weeks after you have submitted payment before contacting our New Construction Department for this information.

Important: Should you wish to assist in clearing right-of-way, obtaining easements from neighbors, and other tasks to speed up the construction process, please contact PEC's Construction Services department by calling (580) 332-3031 during regular office hours.

Spec Sheets You May Need

Week 2: Cost Evaluation
  • A PEC Engineer will visit your location to discuss building location, type of service, terrain, and other factors that may influence the cost of construction.
  • This is a free, one-time service provided by PEC so we may provide you with an accurate quote for building your service.
  • Remember, a portion of your total payment may be refunded once permanent residential requirements have been met.
Week 1: Meet with PEC New Construction Representative
  • Contact PEC's New Construction department at (580) 332-3031 or toll-free within our service area at (877) 456-3031 to discuss your needs and schedule a meeting with a PEC engineer.
  • We will ask for your legal description along with information about the size and type of home you will build.
  • If anything about your job changes after this initial call (such as site location, size of equipment, etc.) please contact your PEC Representative.