New Construction

Do I purchase my own meter base?

PEC will supply the meter base at no charge. However, PEC will not supply the meter base for a temporary pole. Meter bases can be picked up at PEC's offices.

How can I get underground service?

After PEC determines your need for underground service and temporary service is complete, please have the appropriate service entrance installed. Once your electrician has completed this task, contact your PEC Representative to schedule underground service.

How do I know where my job is in the electrical construction process?

PEC representatives are updated once each week as to the status of each job. Due to the pre-construction process, however, PEC Representatives will not have any information on your job until four weeks after we receive your documents and payment for construction. Please feel free to contact us any time after the pre-construction four-week process for a status update of your job.

How much will construction cost?

A PEC Staking Engineer will visit your location to discuss building location, type of service, terrain, and other factors that may influence the cost of construction. This is a free, one-time service provided by PEC so we may provide you with an accurate quote for building your service. PEC may provide a credit toward this cost.