Master’s Voice

The ascent of Master’s Voice (MV) as one of the most sought-after Christian performing artists is truly something only God could have orchestrated. It was quite the inauspicious beginning for five teenagers from Bristow, Oklahoma when their pastor demanded that they sing a song for their home church. No one really remembers how good that first song was, but it was appreciated enough that they were asked to sing the next week. Then the next week and so on. It didn’t take long for other churches and towns to invite this group of young people to come sing and that was the birth of Master’s Voice. Those teenagers did something that honored the Lord when they said “if we are going to have a group, let’s ask God if He will let us see souls saved.” God must have liked that because He has used MV to reach thousands over the years.

Twenty-six years later, MV has the same passion, the same heartbeat, the same drive, and the same pursuit of excellence. Now a household name, with consistent radio success and off the heels of their latest record winning “Album of the Year,” Master’s Voice has made their home state of Oklahoma very proud as one of the very few artists west of the Mississippi River to break through into stardom. However, with their success, the group has remained humble and grounded. “We are grateful for all of our success, but it really is glaringly obvious to us that it is because God has blessed us, not because we are so good,” says Ricky Capps (founding member).

“We have a very simple approach. We don’t believe that we have to sacrifice entertainment or professionalism in order to be an effective ministry. God deserves our best effort, and that is what we give Him. I travel with some of the greatest men I’ve ever met, and we keep each other grounded. Our calling is to brag on Jesus, pick great songs, sing as if our hair is on fire, laugh as much as possible, and lead people to a saving knowledge of Christ! Our mantra hasn’t changed since we began years ago. We will do this until all know.”

Two performances are scheduled inside the Big Red Barn at the Pontotoc County Agri-Plex in Ada on Saturday, September 25. The first performance will happen at 9:50 am and a second and final performance will happen at 11:50 am. Save the date!