PEC Day Activities – Free!

All Kids' Rides are Free!

Beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday, September 25, 2022. Yes, you read that right! This year we are bringing back all of our kids’ activities and we are excited to announce that once again, all of the PEC-sponsored rides are free for children to enjoy this year!

Kraken Inflatable Slide

The hit of the show! Climb aboard the sinking ship, work your way up under the giant octopus, climb to the top, and slide down the ship just before the giant octopus takes it under.

Pirate's Revenge

Get your sea legs ready before you climb aboard because the high seas don’t compare to this ride as up to 12 men, women and children swing back and forth yo ho hoping for more!

The Boomerang

Go for a spin as our boomerang will shoot you out and then back!! Up to 12 people can climb in the pendulum-like tub & swing back and forth as you spin around the entire time.

Giant Trikes

Race against a friend on the Giant Trikes. The oversized tricycles will keep the fun going as your “inner child” meets your competitive nature. *No open-toed shoes are allowed.*

Miniature Ponies

Giddy Up!! Take a ride on a miniature pony. Introduce your junior cowboy or cowgirl to our 4-legged equine friends with an old-fashioned pony ride. 782901500

PEC Day Booth Reservations – Open Now

Attention crafters, food vendors, and non-profit organizations! It’s time to reserve a space at this year’s Annual Meeting scheduled for Saturday, September 24, 2022, at the Pontotoc County Agri-Plex in Ada. We will again have food and craft booths for selling and displaying unique food and craft items. Spaces are already filling up, so if you are interested in having a craft booth or food booth/truck, make your reservation as soon as possible. 281901100

QR Code to download application for PEC Day booth reservations

How To Reserve:

Download the application online on our website, or scan the QR code on this page. Please send your $30 craft booth fee with the form to PEC, Attention: PEC Day, P.O. Box 429, Ada, OK 74821.


Contact Kaia Hicks at (580) 272-1553 or email Kaia.