PEC Day Entertainment

Beginning at 9 am on Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Hi-Fi Hillbillies

If you love hot rods, drive-ins, and road trips (on Route 66!) you won’t want to miss The Hi-Fi Hillbillies! Twangy guitars, electric piano, and drums that fit in your pocket, they play the best rock & roll dance music, like Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, The Ventures and so much more! They say they are really just a trio of knuckleheads having way too much fun playing #vintagerockandroll music!

Southern SONlight

Southern SONlight is a gospel group that travels and sings throughout the region representing The Gospel Station Network. Southern SONlight has recorded several CDs that feature popular Southern Gospel songs. Randall Christy is the pastor of the Union Valley Baptist Church where he and his wife Susie have been for 34 years. The group includes Randall Christy, Randi Hall, and Sharla and David Frederick.