Through the Roof

Since the pandemic struck in 2020, consumers around the world have experienced shortages of everything from roofing shingles to car parts. Meanwhile, the prices kept rising. Now, with war in the Ukraine, consumers face the highest fuel prices in history.

The situation is forcing many People’s Electric (PEC) members to make difficult decisions in order to pay for basic necessities.

“We understand that times are tough right now. We want our members to know that we’re here to help if they need us,” said Kevin Wood, Executive VP and CEO of PEC. Wood added that high prices are affecting the co-op, too. Transformers, wire, poles and other equipment needed to maintain the PEC system has doubled, and in some cases, tripled in price. High fuel prices are also driving up the cost to generate and buy electricity.

PEC is working hard to minimize these impacts on our members. Members who are unable to pay their electric bill are urged to contact the co-op as soon as possible. PEC’s Member Services department will help you set up a payment schedule you can manage. Don’t delay - call your co-op today at (580) 332-3031.