You Have the Power With Prepaid

No one wants to face the unknown of a big electric bill at the end of the month. With prepaid electricity from People's Electric Cooperative (PEC), you can manage your spending and control how much electricity you use based on what you’ve purchased. That’s good news for a family budget, and prepaid electricity can also make it easier to manage power costs if you have roommates or others who split the electric bill. Everyone pays upfront, so you won’t have to collect money later after a bill has arrived.

With PEC’s PrePaid program, your electric usage is calculated on a daily basis and is deducted from your pre-funded account, which is similar to a prepaid phone card. You choose the amount you want to pay, and the method and frequency of your payments. At the time you enroll, you will have the ability to select a balance threshold. If your balance falls below that amount, we will alert you. You will also be notified of all payments, ongoing balance and days remaining, and many other available alerts via text and/or email. Should you accidentally let your money run out, disconnect or reconnect fees will not apply. You would simply make payments that would ensure your PrePaid account returns to a positive balance.

No Deposits

That’s right. No deposit. Members with no credit history with PEC typically require a security deposit of $300 or more to establish service. PrePaid members have no deposit. Just pre-pay for your electricity up front, then make payments on your terms. You can switch back to post-pay after your account is secured. And if you have previously paid a deposit on your existing account, that amount plus interest will be applied to your account, which would be included in your initial quoted amount to enroll. 382401002

Manage Your Usage & Balance

Log in to your account for balance and usage information, and manage your low-balance notifications using PEC’s automated balance inquiry line at (580) 272-1507. You may also log in through your SmartHub account. Emails are only sent if the balance is low.

For more information contact PEC’s Member Services department Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. at (580) 332-3031 or outside Ada (877) 456-3031.

Sign Up by Phone

Call (580) 332-3031 or (877) 456-3031 to sign up for PEC’s PrePaid Meter Program. A PEC Member Services Representative will give you a quoted amount to pay to establish your account on PrePaid.

Fund Your Account

You will need a starting balance of $50 in your account. Plus a $50 installation fee. You can pay your quoted amount in person, online, or by phone. PEC will activate your PrePaid account, and you’ll receive an email confirmation.

Get Helpful Alerts

Get daily balance and usage alerts, plus reminders when it’s time to reload your balance.

Manage Account Anytime

Check your account balance daily, see recent payments, and manage low-balance alerts through PEC’s automated balance inquiry line at (580) 272-1507 or through your SmartHub account.