Texting Service

People’s Electric Cooperative’s (PEC’s) Outage Texting Service is a free service that allows members with five or fewer accounts to report their outages in a manner that goes directly to our outage management system so that a crew can be dispatched as quickly and safely as possible. It provides an alternative to calling us in an outage situation and is just as accurate as reporting via phone call. View PEC’s Outage Texting Flyer (PDF) with step-by-step instructions and sample screenshots.

Note: Before you report your outage (if safe and possible), please visit our Outage Reporting page for more information and for steps you can take to help us determine if the service problem exists within your home’s electrical system or on our system. Taking this step could help get your power back on more quickly. Also, for frequently asked outage questions, visit our Outage Map & FAQ’s page.

First, is Your Correct Phone Number on File?

It’s essential that PEC have the mobile phone number associated with your account. Register your mobile phone number with the cooperative’s information system today by contacting us one of three ways:

mobile messages showing how to opt in and confirm residenceTo Opt-In

First, members must opt-in to utilize PEC’s outage texting service. To accomplish this, text “peoplesout” to 85700. A response will be generated confirming your service location. Confirm service location by texting “A”.

To Report Your Outage

mobile messages showing how to report an outage and check status updatesOnce a member has opted in to the outage texting service, reporting is simple: text “OUT” to 85700, then follow the prompts. When service is restored, members will receive a confirmation text that power has been restored. Members can text the word “STATUS” after they’ve reported their outage to follow restoration progress.

To Check Status

Members can text the word “STATUS” after they’ve reported their outage to follow restoration progress.

To Opt-Out

Members can opt-out of the service easily by texting “STOP” at any time. Message and data rates may apply. Members should check with their carriers to determine fees for their plans.

To have the outage texting number readily available, it’s also a good idea to create a new contact on your mobile device for PEC’s outage texting number 85700.