Pools & Spas

Relaxing in your pool or spa is even more enjoyable when you know it’s not costing you a fortune to operate. A few simple steps can make a big difference in the energy cost to heat and circulate the water in your pool or spa.

  • couple in hot tub illustrationUse a timer. A timer on the pool pump will make it easier to reduce the running time to only what it takes to keep the water clean and sanitary.
  • Keep it covered. Cover your spa with a tight-fitting, insulated cover when not in use.
  • Lower the temperature. Reduce the temperature or turn off the pool or spa heater between uses.
  • Consider solar heating. It’s a much more affordable way to heat your pool than traditional electrical resistance heating.
  • Look for good insulation. When purchasing a new pool or spa, look for insulation that has been applied directly to the fiberglass or wood that holds the water. This type of insulation reduces heat loss and helps maintain water temperature.